Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Haha I don't know what I'm doing!

It has come to this. A blog.

I'm over it. I suppose we* all have to overcome the general stigma of this "art form." As if simply bringing words to the page doesn't bring enough trepidation.

*(note my swift progress in affiliating myself with fellow internet wordsmiths)

Some would start by sharing a bit about themselves. I won't. Nor will I commit to a purpose or theme. I can swear in this thing, right? Hope so. I love swearing. My guess is I'll mostly bitch with extreme prejudice and share stupid shit I find on the internet.

Today's Cyber Point & Giggle:

"Untrodden Fields of Anthropology" are a collection of 1898 publications by a French Army-Surgeon. They are an unintentionally hilarious and sometimes horrifying record of Dr. Jacobus X's (pseudonym, clearly) thirty years spent observing the sexual practices of isolated cultures around the world. I have no fucking clue what lead to this unprecedented discovery on google books, but here's an excerpt chosen at random:

The Kanaka "Break Wood." As might be expected, the Kanaka does not show much consideration, or affection, for his common wife, --the more so, perhaps, because she is ugly enough to frighten a man. Sexual connection is performed without any preliminary preparation. The Kanaka when he is "in rut," lays his wife on a bundle of brushwood, or grass, which serves as litter (the word exactly expresses my idea) and "trusses" her in the classical position common to all mankind. This is called "to break wood." Perhaps the name is derived from the fact that the Kanakas often perform the "act of love" in the brush, amongst the bushes. After a hard day's work it often happens to the unfortunate Popinee, that she is obliged to support the amorous assaults of her squad of husbands all night (Page 254).

And there it is. I hope you found that enlightening because I had to type it all up myself. If there's a way to copy and paste on google books, I'm too technologically challenged to uncover it.

Oddly, I'm hungry after that, so this will conclude my first post.


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