Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Things I'm Not Proud Of

Thing 1: I am from an upperclass white suburb of Boston, but I developed an accent growing up because I wanted to sound cool like my cousins from Southie and it still comes out occasionally.

Thing 2: In 8th grade I wore too much eyeliner and pretended to like the band Slipknot because of this boy I had a crush on. It worked. He asked me out and we dated for half a summer until I went to Europe for 3 weeks and dumped him for a boy with an accent. The first boy and I are now friends on Facebook and he has an important job in the government. The second boy was a Brit named Craig. Craig wanted to have a long-distance relationship and write letters to each other, but I didn't give him my correct address or phone number and threw his out immediately because I was a heart-breaker who listened to nu-metal and wore baggy pants.  

Thing 3: My mom forced me to do ballet and gymnastics when I was little. I really really hated them. Some of my recital costumes included: a sea horse (Little Mermaid), a bright pink elephant (I was a toy in Peter Pan I think), a French townie/lynch mob member (Beauty and the Beast) and a normal/mean duckling (Ugly Duckling).

(There were no pink elephants in any other productions of Peter Pan that I know of, but there was this humorous and politically incorrect song about "red men" in the 1953 Disney version)


Thing 4: My movie tastes are sort of tomboyish. I love action and westerns and anything directed by Scorsese or the Coens, but the movies Ella Enchanted, Pride & Prejudice and Practical Magic are a few guilty pleasures of mine.

Thing 5: Two boyfriends have privileged me with breakfast in bed. Both occasions were marred because I spilled a beverage on their sheets.



Rebel Mel said...

Hah! I saw this post on 20sb tis morning and it caught my eye because I am from Boston too.. And I once wore baggy jeans and listened to slipknot.. Oof. Added you to my googlereader!

Ms. Co-dependent said...

I want to see "Practical Magic"'s been forever since I've seen that movie. And don't you just love the things we used to do to boys? Lol.

EmDottie said...

AW! Lol, international heartbreaker huh? Bwahahha.

Ms. Co-dependent said...

Guess what! I gave you an award! Check it out at: