Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bitchin' Kitchen Thursday: Blue Hawaii's and Loco Moco

This post comes to you later than I intended, but I challenge ANYONE to cook ANYTHING after 4 of these:

Oh, good times!

As promised, I went with a Hawaiian theme this week to prepare for my travel-job to Oahu. I was going to make Pina Coladas, but Blue Hawaii's (see above picture) were much more fitting. I also made Loco Moco. Frankly, the Spanish translation of that name makes me seriously lose my appetite, so I will refer to it simply as L.M.

L.M., despite its un-Hawaiian name, is one of the few truly Hawaiian dishes out there. Most "Hawaiian" cuisine is more Asian, Polynesian, Mediterranean or even American than specifically Hawaiian. L.M. came out of a grill in Hilo around the mid-twentieth century.

L.M. is very simple to make and the result is very gross-looking in this writer's opinion:

As far as taste, though, I admit I found it delectable.

All you need is:

Cooked rice
A cooked burger patty
A fried egg
Gravy (optional) 

It is put together with the rice on bottom, followed by the burger and the egg. Pour some brown gravy over it all and enjoy. I used whole grain rice instead of the traditional white and added bacon bits and ate it with a biscuit and hashbrowns. Another option could be to substitute gravy with chili. Regardless, this would make a great protein dish for athletes. 

If you need some liquid courage before expanding your culinary horizons, try this Blue Hawaii recipe courtesy of the original King of Tiki, Trader Vic:

1 part Blue Caracao
2 parts light rum
2 parts cream of coconut
6 parts unsweetened pineapple juice

Mix with ice in your preferred method (shaken/stirred/blended) and drink. Fuck the garnish.



Nicki said...

LOVE me some Loco Moco...but it's a very "I have a craving" kinda thing.

Bonnie said...

I'm from Hawaii now living in San Diego. For some reason I never liked Loco Moco!

Love Doglander.